Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased an unlock but my app is still locked!

Sometimes the verification needs more time as our app expects. Please make sure your account was charged for the purchase and afterwards try the ‘Restore’ button within our app on the purchase page. There are a few cases where this could even take up to 12 hours. So, it might take just some more time. Also make sure your app can reach the system app store and our website (

The app is locked on my 2nd device. Do I need to purchase it again?

If the 2nd device uses the same Apple ID / Google Account as your first device, you can simply hit the ‘Restore’ button within our app on the purchase page to activate your purchases on as many devices as you have registered to the same account. Just make sure you are signed into the system app store app with the same account.

I cannot download the map!

Please make sure your device has enough free storage (on some devices you need twice the download size due to the way your system handles the moving of the map file). If you have enough storage, please also make sure your device can reach our website ( and Microsoft Azure Cloud ( If this also works, a reinstall of the app might help to fix the issue. On Android you can also try to move the app between the SD and your internal storage if available.

My progress is lost / not stored if I restart the app!

Please try to reinstall the app. This sounds like a permission issue. Also make sure you have a bit of storage left on your device. If you are on iOS, you might also have success by disabling the iCloud sync within the app’s settings page.

/!\ Please make a backup of your data with the cross-sync or export/import function before deleting the app. Deleting the app will also delete the remaining progress! /!\

My checklists are empty!

Please try to reinstall the app. There seems to be some sort of issue to load the database.

Korok 20 and 21 are the same!

No, they are not. They are close to each other and remarkably similar, but one is on top of the Great Plataeu while the other one is next to it. Please have a look at this video: